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Agenda Review: October 13, 2020

This coming Tuesday is another Zoom board meeting. I'm glad to see that per the agenda, the "Village President has determined that an in person meeting would not be prudent..." The residents told him this when he first decided we should return to in person meetings. I will again remind the board that it is required that we have a contemporaneous experience, which means that all those on Zoom should be able to hear all the board members speak -- this would include when our president asks a question to anyone he might have in the room with him.

So -- let's review/prepare for the agenda this week. Overall, I think the agenda is light and doesn't address some of the major concerns the residents have for the village. Additionally, there are previous open questions that the residents have asked of the board that have not been answered. But alas....

Public Comments -- remember there's only 30 minutes allowed and 3 minutes per person. With luck, our board has realized that they can not remove our ability to have public comments by having a Trustee speak.

Consent Agenda:

Approval of minutes from 9/22/20

Approval of Bill Lists:

-- My questions for this list are:

  1. Why do we have a charge for a generator for Well #5? This well is currently out of service due to a methane issue and I'm curious why it needs a generator.

  2. Many of these invoices date back to June -- do we have a delay in getting invoices paid? Is this a function of the canceling of meetings or delays with staff?

  3. I see several charges that it would seem like could be consolidated to potentially save money -- office supplies is one and the retail food purchases for RedTail seem to be another. On the office supplies -- why are we not using a common vendor for all the needed supplies for the village? And why is public works getting printers from Walmart? On the retail food purchases -- I get that sometimes we need fresh food NOW and/or the quantities needed are too small to get from our Sysco person. BUT why are we buying a little bit at each of 4 local groceries? I'm wondering if they'd be willing to work with our village on discount if we did our retail shopping exclusively from them -- or maybe Costco?

Financials through June 30th

-- My question is simple -- given the fact the public is very aware of the legal bills for the village, why after two months of financials have we paid exactly ZERO to our law firm? I find this odd given we've all seen the bills -- so, curious why we wouldn't have the expenses applied by now. I could be wrong; but I do not recall seeing the invoice for the firm in the bill lists -- is it possible we haven't paid for Mr. Smoron's services?

Request for approval of Halloween Hours of 2-7pm on 10/31

Items for Discussion:

  • #6 Motion to approve selling/disposing of property.

    • I have no questions or concerns here.

  • #7 Motion to approve intergovernmental agreement to sell Grafton Township the Sewer Jetter (that we are selling/disposing of in item 6 on the agenda) fro $4,500

    • I have no questions or concerns here.

  • #8 Motion to accept resident's emotional support animal request

    • Where is this motion for review? Can the Trustees vote on a motion not in the packet?


I'm thrilled to see this back on the agenda -- as it should not usurp the time for public comments with Trustees speaking.

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