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Hi, I'm Tricia Babischkin, a resident of the Village of Lakewood. It's as simple as that. I'm a resident. I care about my village and the people in it. I want my town to be the best possible town it can be and I am willing to do my part to do that.


I moved here in April 2019 from Northeast Ohio, but I grew up in Southeast Florida.  The move to the Chicago area was the culmination of a dream 20+ years in the making and saw my active duty husband through his career and retirement.  After years of moving around the country, we've learned the value of roots. We've learned to bloom where you are planted -- and we chose this ground, we are growing and blooming here for the long haul.


Observe. Share. Act.

The Village of Lakewood says we are "Quality Living in a Natural Setting." I'm trying to shine a light on our village government to confirm that our Village Officers are living up to the Mission of the Village of Lakewood as stated in the Budget Presentation 2020-2021:

  • Provide quality services with affordable taxes

  • Provide responsible growth through controlled, acceptable, residential and commercial development

  • Maintain and enhance the natural beauty of the Village

  • Encourage resident participation in Village government

  • Maintain an effective level of Village Communication

  • Pursue and maintain effective, responsible intergovernmental relation

My goal to watch what is happening, learn as much as I can, share in as much of an unbiased way as possible (I'm still a human being with a heart), and act on that knowledge. I'm only sharing this process because as I've learned more, I've realized there are people out there like me who are trying to get a sense of what is really happening, what does it mean, and where do we go from here.

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