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Legal Bills

Bills.  One of the biggest areas of concern is how much is all of this going to cost us. While we will never get to the opportunity cost of the distraction that both investigating bad behavior in the management of village hall AND the distraction factor, we can certainly follow the money.

One of the largest growing expenses is our legal bills. This makes me question if our Village Attorney is working for the residents of the village as he should or if there's a conflict of interest where he is acting more like Phil Stephan and/or CAO Smith's personal attorney. I certainly am questioning some of the legal advice he's given in meetings -- including that we don't need to have an Ethics Commission as called for in our code and his statement that should anyone want to see the 5.5" binder on the agreement for the Travel Center at 47 and 176, it is available -- mind you, you'd have to FOIA it --- for which his bills increase.

Jan 2019 Legal Bill Missing
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