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Board Meeting: April 28, 2020

Summary of Meeting

Opened with an announcement regarding the sale of 10 acres of land at the intersection of routes 176 and 47.

Approved Inside Consent Agenda

  • Approval of minutes

  • Approval of bill lists

  • Approval of financial statements

  • Approval for Baxter & Woodman to provide assistance in the prepration of the 2020 NPDES Phase II Municipal separate storm sewer system annual facility inspection report to comply with the conditions of the Illinois Environmental Protections Agency's General MS4 permit in an amount not to exceed $1,800

  • Approval to authorize the Chief Administrative Officer to execute a contract with Civic Systems in an amount not to exceed $66,073

  • Approval to authorize execution of Resolution 2020-R14

Download PDF • 3.60MB

Meeting Minutes

Download PDF • 19KB

Audio File

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