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Board Packet Review: May 25, 2021

Before I go through the packet, I have a few announcements to share.

The Village Website has a new Look

First, the village's website has been redesigned. While there's still some clean up and organization to do -- the look and feel of the website is very different. Hopefully, you'll find that things are easy to find. But there's one improvement I want to call out:

When you are looking for past board packets, minutes and recordings -- they will appear on pages that look like this:

As we slowly convert the past meetings to this format, you'll see the agenda, the minutes, and the audio (and maybe the video) all in one spot together. And for those of us who appear to regularly check past meetings often, if you use the search on this page, it should search the meetings only and not the rest of the site.

Please check out the new look of the Village's Website here -- and please give the team feedback on it.

It also should be noted that this upgrade has cost the village ZERO in expense as it was an available template from our website host and was transferred with minimal effort. While the clean up and organization may take time -- this could have been done long ago and will not require the $12,000 that was budgeted for the website upgrade.

The Village has a New Facebook Page

Due to issues with getting the prior administration to turn over (and verify the turnover) of the old Facebook page, it has become apparent that the fastest method to get the Facebook site back up and keep information flowing to the village residents it to start a new Facebook page.

If you haven't already, please like or follow this page: to keep up to date with the announcements on Facebook.

Ok and on with the Agenda

Do not miss that due to the state of the pandemic and entering the bridge phase, the meeting is IN PERSON -- with a 'view on Zoom' option. So, if you want to make a public comment, please join us at RedTail Golf Club or email your comment to by noon on May 25th.

There are no financials or minutes this meeting and as such there's no consent agenda to approve.

5. Presentation and Consideration of Ordinance No. 2021-(08) - An Ordinance Amending Chapter 3, Village Administration, Adding Section 3.18, Code of Conduct, to the Lakewood Municipal Code

This is an amendment to the village code that was tabled at the last meeting because a Trustee felt that there was a concern about enforcing the "intelligence" requirement. While I felt that was a strawman argument, we agreed to table it to 'tighten' some of the language. So, there are differences in the two codes of conduct.

Notably, the new version removes

  1. the requirements to perform and discharge their duties with the highest degree of excellence, intelligence, and skill

  2. any reference to justice, sincerity, 'good morals;' 'good customs;' and morals in general

  3. the requirement to comply with 'related regulations' to the OMA

  4. two penalties for violating the code of conduct: forfeiture of stipend and pursuing legal actions

It goes on to add

  1. the inclusion of former officials to those who may not be disparaged or demeaned

  2. an admonishment not to repeatedly contact via email, text, or telephone any Village Board Member, committee member, staff, and residents

  3. be mindful of social media

6. Acknowledgement of Resignation of Terrance Flanagan from Planning and Zoning Committee. Posting of Commissioner Vacancy.

7. Presentation and Consideration to Add a Ninth Full-Time Officer to the Lakewood Police Force

I must celebrate the detail provided in the packet. If I am reading this correctly, it looks like the police need to find $76K in their budget to fully fund a 9th police officer. while I don't think that's a huge ask, I think we need to understand where that money is coming from. For example, I know the website redesign was budgeted at $12,000 -- so, if we moved that budget to the police, we still need to find $64K…I’m digging through the expenses, I see opportunity to save…but theres certainly a discussion about funds and budget coming.

8. Presentation of the Village of Lakewood's Building Code, Impact Fees, Building Permit and Architectural Review

9. Presentation Regarding Home State Bank

a. Lock Box b. Accounts that have been charged fees

c. Listing of Accounts d. ICS implementation e. Positive Pay

f. E*Pay or Home State Bank to process payments

10. Presentation and Consideration for a Five Year Lease Agreement for a Pitney Bowes Postage Machine

Just to share a bit of research: First: the FY '22 budget for this machine was: $750 with a notation that this included an increase in the lease. However, in FY'21, I show $913 in approved checks to (through 4/28) to Pitney Bowes. (I removed postage purchased and looked only at the equipment).

11. Presentation and Consideration of Ordinance No. 2021- (15) - An Ordinance Amending Chapter 8, 2021 Golf Rates, RedTail Golf Club, of the Lakewood Municipal Code

I think this addresses the questions I had back when the rates were presented. Also, I've heard a rumor that Kenny is going to share the calendar at RedTail -- as June is building to be quite a busy month. 12. Reports and Comments from Department Heads (To begin No Later than 10:15 P.M.)

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