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Breaking News - I'm stepping up

The first time I spoke at a board meeting, I said "If you aren't outraged, you aren't paying attention. I am outraged and I'm paying attention." Since that statement, I've done a lot of paying attention. I've dug deep into how our village mis-spends our tax dollars. I've watched the board become essentially dysfunctional. I've watched as the employees of this village leave at alarming rates. I've watched two 'investigations' that can only be described as shambolic. I'm not just outraged, I'm embarrassed for our village.

The most recent board meeting is yet another example of the problems we have with our current majority board. During that meeting, I listened to Phil yet again outline all that HE has done -- in every conversation I've had with him, he uses the word ”I” more than any other word. He has repeatedly said that HE has a vision for Lakewood; He will FIX Lakewood; HE will make Lakewood better. I've decided that if that board meeting and the situation we currently find ourselves in is his vision, I want a new vision -- I want the RESIDENTS' vision.

After months of research, after reviewing years of board recordings and minutes, after digging deep into the finances of tax dollars, and after long conversations with my family, I have decided that I need to throw my figurative hat into the ring of running for Trustee for our Village Board.

I want to work with the residents of Lakewood to build a strong, strategic plan for our community. There are key areas that this plan needs to address, and how we build this plan should be a cooperative effort from the administration, the board, and the residents, it will Lakewood's Plan, not mine. I would like this plan to have three pillars:

  • Fiscally Responsible: Our budget must balance. Our spending must be focused on the top priorities and not frivolous things like silo caps that don't add value to our village. And ultimately, whenever possible, departments need to pay for themselves -- like the permit fees should cover the costs of the inspections and reviews and Red Tail needs to be profitable on its own without using the village for overdraft protection.

  • Positive and Professional: Our village needs to be a place people want to work and live. In order to protect home values, we need to bring professionalism back to our board and to our administration.

  • Open and Transparent: Our residents deserve a village government that fully researches all decisions, that has a clear and open communication plan, that strives to restore confidence in the board, the administration, and the village so the residents can trust their elected officials are putting Lakewood ahead of themselves in every decision.

In order to begin this process, I need your support.

If you are willing to nominate me for the ballot, please email me at and we can set-up a time to meet with precautions for social distancing. I will be announcing over the coming weeks many opportunities to come meet me, talk to me, and let me hear from you what you want to see in Lakewood's Plan.

If you are willing to have a sign in your yard in early spring, please fill out this form. I would greatly appreciate it.

If you can support the campaign financially, you can donate using this link via PayPal or email me.

At the end of the day, we are forced to ask ourselves are we better off with the board we currently have? Can we face another 4 years of this drama, spending, and deception? I know my answer, and if you agree with me, I'm asking for your support.

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