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Event: Altercation at Village Hall

Without editorial comment, the following are the facts as they've been reported at Village Hall on May the 4th.

Present at Village Hall were Trustee Bryan Younge, Chief Todd Richardson, Trustee Doug Ulrich, CAO Jeannine Smith, Village Staff

Trustee Younge was there to lock CAO Smith out of her computer and either put her Admin Leave or terminate her. I've heard both accounts, so in an effort of clarity, I'm reporting both.

CAO Smith calls President Phil Stephans to share that this is happening at the Village Hall.

President Stephans pulls into the parking lot and greets the Chief of Police. Stephans stomps and yells; the chief calmly responds. Of note, the chief reminds the president that he threatened to fire him a week or so ago. Video is from the dash cam of the chief's car.

Inside Village Hall, a staff member video taped the argument and we can hear on the tape Doug Ulrich remind the whole staff that "Staff can be replaced."

The police report notes that President Stephans 'chest bumps' Trustee Younge.

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