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Call: I Spoke to Pam Eddy

Updated: Jul 4, 2020

In respond to my email, Pam Eddy called me. Since then, I've spoken to her at least twice. While this is an account of the event that I spoke to Ms. Eddy; my summary of the discussion is my own, as there was no official minutes of this call.

I shared with Ms. Eddy, who honestly appeared to be as horrified as I am over the complaints, that I think our village is risking a lawsuit from past and present employees and I'm hard pressed to disagree with them given that the board has appeared to do nothing in a month.

I asked why CAO Smith could not be put on Administrative Leave and have a 3rd party truly investigate the situation. Ms. Eddy expressed concerns of her own that CAO Smith might have a lawsuit against the village if we didn't follow a by-the-book process, because the belief is that CAO Smith has a contract.

It appears that Ms. Eddy is additionally concerned with the way in which Mr. Younge has been trying to push this through -- and frankly, this may be fair. I believe the passion Mr. Younge has, because he's spoken to every single person, is making him angry and he's acted more rash in an effort to shine the light. I shared this belief with Ms. Eddy and she seemed like she understood but would prefer if he'd stop cussing at her.

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