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Call: I spoke to Phil Stephan

Updated: Jul 6, 2020

In response my email, Board President Phil Stephan called me. Like with Ms. Eddy's call, this even did occur, but the summary of the information is my account of the call.

I had to call Mr. Stephan back because when he called I was working my regular job.

We spoke for about 30 minutes during that time, Phil informed me that he didn't have the silo repaired because he couldn't really see it from his house; that the flooding in the Gates that he's trying to fix he also can't see from his house.

He seemed to get angry when I told him that I was disappointed in his actions on May 4th and thought he owed the village an apology. He told me that he was set-up because the chief never parks his car where it was. I replied that he might have been; but no one forced him to yell at the chief, right? No response. He also told me that he is rarely in Village Hall and when he is all the "girls" are so nice to him.

At the end of the call, after I asked about the investigation, he yelled at me telling me that there was "NO FORMAL COMPLAINTS"

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