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Oh, Happy Day! There is a plan!

It appears that my post requesting residents reach out had a positive effect, in that late yesterday the outgoing board has finally made a plan. No, it's not the plan we wanted -- nor is it consistent with any swearing in performed in recent (by recent, I mean over the past at least 15 years) history. But we have a plan and frankly, I'm thrilled we are that far.

First, the current board is claiming that there was no recording of Tuesday Night's meeting and thus tonight they are redoing it to get a recording. They also have fully removed the budget workshop portion of the meeting, so it's not really the same meeting. I also fully expect to hear other differences through the meeting -- but alas. There are recordings of the meeting that exist, and they were repeatedly offered to the village to prevent the waste of time of this repeated meeting. There was zero official response from the CAO or the 'deputy' clerk.

Next, this current board is refusing to hold with tradition and swear in the incoming board at the beginning of the board meeting on Tuesday, April 27th. Instead, we've been offered to be sworn in at the end of the meeting --- likely meaning they are going to take the opportunity to pass some other ordinance (or we are going to hear the results of Berman's one-sided investigation). At this point, they need to understand that there is nothing they can do in that meeting that can not be quickly and easily undone -- so it would be better if they just stop.

That said -- we will be sworn in on April 27th. The incoming board, instead of cramming into the tiny conference room at Village Hall (where likely Phil will be hiding) will be at RedTail to be sworn in. There will be limited space in the room for residents who wish to be there and additional space at the bar with TVs --- and I think the weather will be nice, should anyone want to sit on the deck.

But now for the BIG and BEST news. The first board meeting of the new board will be on Thursday, April 29th at the Raue at 7pm. The agenda will be posted late Monday or early Tuesday morning -- but fully expect to hear from the new president about how board meetings will be run from this point forward. There's so much positive change that will be announced on that Thursday, we hope as many of you can come in person to share that meeting with us. There is room for 150 members of the public in the room and there will be a simulcast of the board meeting for those who do not want to be in person.

Four days until the new board is seated and less than a week for the very first, professional meeting of the new board. We can not wait to get started.

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