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Special Board Meeting - Update

Originally, I wanted to add this to my review of the board packet, but since I know that most people read these when the email comes out, I thought this was worth not burying in a past post -- but attempting to share all the details as they are shared with me.

In the early hours this morning our CAO subscribed to my website. I found this a wee bit humorous and noteworthy. Apparently this afternoon, there was an email sent that quoted my post regarding the lots that are for sale on RedTail. This is the update to my original question about why the lots were being sold at far less than the ordinance required 80% of appraisal.

Per an email that came out from our CAO/Finance Director/Budget Officer regarding the sale of this property, the lots were re-appraised on 3/11/2021 to a lower amount. In this email she informs the sitting board and the incoming board that this information was not on the website -- but has today (4/19) been "corrected."

So this is what was on the website up until today and what was presented in the board packet 48 hours prior to the meeting.

Note the price of Lots 16 & 17. If this wasn't updated on the site until today, after an offer was received and on April 9th the buyer was informed that they could not accept an offer lower than $18,000 -- how is it that the buyer knew that the appraisal had come in $8,000 lower than an appraisal of land about 4 years ago? Hmm -- I thought prices had gone up not down between 2017 and 2021.

I've asked our CAO how is it possible that the potential buyer knew of the lower appraisal when it was not on the public website. While I would think that yes, if the price of the land had dropped we shouldn't over charge someone for it; I'm confused as to how their appears to be ONE buyer who knew of a price drop on two of the three premium lots on RedTail -- and if that information was not shared with the public -- how exactly is that ok?

In the partial appraisal she sent, it notes this -- and notes this for ONLY Lot 17. Lot 16 was not in the attached documentation of the reduced lot pricing. So, I have serious questions about the legality of this property sale.

This was the appraiser's note from when the property was given to the village -- I believe in 2017.

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