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Spoke: Board Meeting May 26, 2020

First time I spoke out publicly at the board meeting.

I’m here tonight because I’m highly concerned over the recent events that have been recorded in a police report, on video published in the local news, and with the actions I’ve seen in this very chamber. In a place where order, calm reasoned thinking and protection of our employees and our Village citizens should be put first and foremost, I’m seeing is basically a school yard bully picking a fight.

So, my concerns that I would implore the board to address quickly, publicly, and completely:

  1. Why is the Ethics Committee in our Village Code has not been set-up and utilized for these types of complaints

  2. Why has this inquiry seemingly lasted months with no resolution,

  3. Why was our Village President acting in a manner unbecoming of an adult never the less the President of our Village

  4. Why has there been multiple calls to censure one Trustee without mention of censuring the actions of our village President that were caught on camera. This should include the appropriate fines that should be levied against someone who is “obstructing a peace officer.” Which is EXPLICIT in our Village Code.

Ultimately, we need a review of our Village Charter to bring it in line with the today and address the situation we are currently facing; including adding specifics as to what can and can not appear in a consent agenda; what overages are allowable before being brought back to the board for explicit approval and not inside a consent agenda, and finally we need a clear method to recall elected officials who have embarrassed our Village.

Finally, I once heard the statement that “if you aren’t outraged you aren’t paying attention,” I want the board to know right now that I’m paying CLOSE attention and I’m outraged! Do what is right; do the job you were elected to do and protect the Village from further embarrassment and potential costly suits that will be a direct result of your inaction.

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