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Thank You, Lakewood

After writing this blog for so many months, it seems hard to believe I'm ever at a loss for words, but right now I am. Thank you seems like too small a sentiment; but yet it is the only words that express how I feel right now.

Along with the rest of the team of Dave, April, and Mike, I'm humbled that you trust us to move Lakewood to responsible, transparent, and respectful governing again.

I'm in awe of the turnout. In local elections, we don't have polls to gauge where we stand. We hope that our message resonates and that our circle of support is representative of all the residents. We worry about those who don't read a blog, follow a group on Facebook, or know someone who does. And by Monday before the election, we question if we did enough; what should we have done.

We know that the campaign was the easy part compared to the hard work that begins as we move to the next stages. We are committed to being transparent as we go through this. We are committed to listen. We are committed to working FOR you, our neighbors and residents of Lakewood.

Again, thank you!

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