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Truth about Turnover

On June 23rd, Trustee Ryan Berman presented a report that he's named the "Majority Report" but has also called it the "Finding of Fact." This report in truth has so many holes, it likely should be properly called Swiss cheese, though that might be an insult to Swiss cheese.

While I could write volumes about the flawed methodology or the fact that despite the title being about "personnel issues" that not one question was about the personnel issues and more about some of the financial issues that have raised eyebrows all over the village, I actually want to take a moment and share some pieces of a presentation that a fellow resident pulled together.

We have some amazing residents in this village. I didn't realize that we had a data scientist here, but I'm thrilled. I've spent the better part of the last decade of my working career working alongside some amazing data scientists and I am always in awe of the work they do. Within hours of the "Majority Report" being published, she got to work. She had charts and graphs and MATH that disproved a very important statement in the report -- in fact it was point #1 in Mr. Berman's review:

What is interesting is that line about employee turnover being lower than preceding administrations. Well, frankly this is not true.

  1. The counts are missing people including the 4 village employees that have left since the 5/4 incident at Village Hall.

  2. It appears that Trustee Berman nor CAO Smith can divide, because they compared raw count of employees over a 10 year period to the raw count over a 3 year period. That's not how turnover works.

So -- not only is the CAO's turnover rate the HIGHEST, it's more than double any of her previous administrations. Roll that around for a minute -- 40% turnover a year!

But -- wait, there's more. What do other communities our size experience?

I think we got an issue here. But our board believes that we don't have an issue -- what are they seeing (or not seeing) that I'm unaware of? If they could possibly explain why this is acceptable or ok, I'm happy to listen -- but I don't think they can.

Read all the details and this fantastic report here.

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