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Why we don't need an irrigation well, again

So, when last we spoke about the irrigation well that our board approved with no discussion or even a question, I was explaining how it wouldn't do what it was promised to do -- bring fresh water into the Turnberry Lakes. Here's where I'm going to admit I've been slightly corrected and why our non-transparent President is trying to sell this really bad idea.

  1. Technically, the well will put water into Lake #2.

  2. That water would then be pulled right back out of the Lake, plus about 8,000 gallons to water RedTail.

  3. The net is that in the case of drought AND the pumps from the Kishwaukee not working, Lake #2 would get water from the well -- but the net water level in the lake would still go down daily.

See -- how I was wrong (that the well wouldn't pump water into the lake) but still right that it won't have the affect that was promised of clean, fresh water to combat the algae issues.

Alas, that's not the point of this rant.

I now have the actual water agreement between the Village and Turnberry. And truly this agreement is rather enlightening.

First from the agreement (which began in 2005 and runs 25 years -- so it is currently set to expire in 2030):

So, I don't think I need to be an attorney to translate that is it very clear that Turnberry is responsible to maintain the level of the lakes "to the satisfaction of the Village"

But then, the pumps:

Based on this, we shouldn't have needed to open a fire hydrant to fill Lake #2 to prevent a fish kill, we should have gone to the pumps and repaired them and charged Turnberry for the repair. So, I hate to mention this, as this is something President Stephan keeps calling out as a huge success of his Presidency --- but had he followed the agreement; he wouldn't have cost the Village the water costs for filling a lake with potable water; he would have also been able to do this at the first sign of the lake level dropping. He could have been a hero AND saved the Village money.

One last point:

So, yeah -- Turnberry can't just turn off the pumps. We can fix them and charge them for it. That's the deal. We both get to water our golf courses from the lakes. We work together to accomplish this. We don't open fire hydrants to essentially water RedTail and we don't drill an irrigation well we don't need.

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